2021568 Biophysics

This is a doctoral-level 3-unit lecture course offered under the NanoScience Program in the Graduate School. Its aim is to furnish PhD students with enogh background in physical biochemistry needed to conduct his/her own doctoral research.

Tertiary and quarternary structure of proreins and nucleic acids; forces that determine biological structure and function; spectroscopy of biological macromolecules; random motions and diffusion; hydrodynamics; forces and fluxes across membranes; diffraction, macromolecules.

โครงสร้างตติยภูมิ และจตุถภูมิของโปรตีนและกรดนิวคลีอิก แรงท่ีกําาหนดโครงสร้างและหน้าท่ีทางชีววิทยา สเปกโทรสโกปีของชีวมหโมเลกุล การเคลื่อนที่แบบสุ่มและการแพร่ อุทกพลศาสตร์ แรงและฟลักซ์ตลอดเมมเบรน การเลี้ยวเบน มหโมเลกุล

This course has been offered since 2006. It is flexible enough to prepare doctoral students in the NanoScience program for their research in diverse fields.

At the beginning of the semester, students would consult their academic advisors in order to choose appropriate topics for each person. Faculty members who regularly teach this course will then be paired with the selected topics. Finally, a class schedule is set up to take into account the available time of students and professors. The topics on the list includes